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In this video you will learn what to look for in a successful private practice. You will learn how patients go to which physician, how the partners make decisions and much more. Watch Dr. Wayman's video and see if being in a private practice is for you.

Use the money your residency program gave you towards education!

physician teaching business course

Hi, I’m Misty Wayman, MD.

I work in Oklahoma City, OK at the Center for Women's Health.

I'm an OB/GYN who went to residency at Ohio State University. I have been practicing in a 6 physician private practice for over 15 years. In this video I will share the reasons why I chose the practice I did, and why I didn't join a hospital or start an independent practice.

busy clinic private practice

Insight Into a Large Private Practice

Learn from Misty Wayman, M.D. on what to look for in a private practice, how it should operate and what to expect as a new physician coming in.